Three-In-One Day

Three-In-One Day

Started the day off with a Pro1 programming session. I’m trying to get the desk to do a VCA line-by-line style show, in which the automation only recalls the channel mutes and VCA membership.

I do have it working but there are a few little niggles that need to be smoothed out. Got an email into my Midas guru to see what I’m doing wrong.

Next, a quickie session for my good friend and mentor Scott, who had to cut a quick vocal demo.
The Slate Raven MTI interface is cool but not as deeply integrated into Logic as I’d like. I’m still faster with the trackball for most tasks.

Gotta love this thing:

I’m not sure exactly what kind of distortion it’s churning out but it’s a nice little color on a thin bus. I barely tickle it – if the needles are moving, you’re using too much.

Then grabbing some lunch with a co-worker before heading back to the studio for a Tyler rehearsal.

Saw this in the parking lot. Not really sure what the story is with this guy, but I bet there’s bugs in there:

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