Pedalboard Studies

Pedalboard Studies

I’m certainly not a guitar tech, but even knowledge of basic concepts like gain structure and equalization can go a long way toward improving the outcome of a project.

Tyler’s lead guitar player, Dave, and I had spent dozens of hours working on incremental improvements to his sound, and the latest iteration is quite a large increment indeed.

Much ado is made of True Bypass pedals but capacitance can still add up quick, and with multiple effects engaged the noise floor can become problematic. The brilliance of Dave’s GigRig pedal is that it switches pedals or groups of pedals entirely out of the circuit with a touch of a button, so the signal chain stays as short as possible. As a bonus, a failure of a single component no longer takes the whole rig down.

Noise floor was dramatically reduced, and Dave reports that his guitars sound better and are more responsive to play, no doubt a result of less Stuff in the signal path coupled with some careful attention to level knobs and tone controls.

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