Pasting POP assignments on Midas Pro series

Pasting POP assignments on Midas Pro series

Here we go again – Spring approaches, and with it an abundance of musical theater productions. I’m currently involved in a production of West Side Story and am just putting the finishing touches on my showfile and setup in preparation for tech week.

Here’s the schematic so far:

For the VCA mixing style common in musical theater, I start with a “base” scene which is scoped to save and recall every parameter on the entire console. From there, a series of successive scenes recall only channel mute status, VCA name, and VCA membership as the show progresses to bring the proper characters onto the VCA faders for mixing.

This will be my first time trying this workflow on my new Midas Pro1. My thought was that if I needed to add / tweak POP groups during the production, I could make those changes to the ‘base’ scene and they would push through to the rest of the scenes, as they are scoped to ignore changes to POP groups. However, the basic config data for POP groups seems to be saved per scene (which is good, because it allows them to change per-scene as well).

I used the Show Editor in the automation screen to copy my POP groups through to the rest of the scenes. At first, it appeared that nothing had happened. Upon further investigation, the POP memberships did copy successfully, but not the scribble strip name or color, as this basic config data is in fact stored in each scene.

Joe Byrne from Music Tribe put me in contact with Midas Pro series guru Jim Woodling, who showed me what I was doing wrong. The scribble color and name is stored in the ‘fader section’ parameter group, so checking this box enables successful pasting to the rest of the scenes. 


Besides sending an explanation and the above screenshot, Jim also sent me back a copy of my showfile where he’d done the operation for me, which was a much more helpful interaction than I’ve come to expect dealing with other manufacturers. So thanks guys!

Just a final note for anyone trying this type of workflow: Be sure to deselect the current (source) scene from the paste destination list so you don’t accidentally overwrite anything important.


I’m sure I’ll encounter more interesting little tidbits as we move into rehearsals, so stay tuned!

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