Line Array Checkout

Line Array Checkout

Pat Brown has written a fantastic article on bench-testing a line array before installation. This verification step is important, as it often reveals issues that we want to know about while the boxes are still on the ground. But in the case of issues with an already installed system, it can be equally effective.

Case in point:

Here is a photo of a recent testing session, chasing down some HF issues in a single box of an installed array. The boxes were pulled down and placed on stage in a boundary measurement setup: The placement was marked on the stage with spike tape, and each box was swapped in one at a time and measured.

It’s not glamorous, but it’s very effective.

The green and red traces show two “healthy” boxes, and the blue shows a box with a HF issue. It’s normal for the phase traces to be slightly misaligned, as there will be small variations in box placement.

This method is equally effective with point-source boxes if you have multiples. (You need at least three to tell which one’s the outlier.)

Here are three active loudspeakers ready for an install. We can rest assured that all three are functioning as intended.


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