Gig Diary: Jazz Trio @ Hamilton College

Gig Diary: Jazz Trio @ Hamilton College

Excellent jazz trio. Lovely gentlemen. Great players and great to work with. They sounded great. The mix was open, clean, and natural. Gentle reinforcement.


Christian travels with a piano pickup system that we took via a BSS active DI. In addition, we had two Neumann km86i on the open-lid piano. Monitors was predominantly the DI as it can gain up higher before feedback. Cut a little 200 Hz from the DI, and supplemented it with the HF from the condensers out front.

Bass was split into two inputs, one to drive the subs and one to drive the mains, so I could add more clarity for the bass solos without blasting the sub.

Always listen to your stage wedges! We had some great low-profile boxes that were a little harsh up top.

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