Gig Diary: Symphony @ Hamilton College

Gig Diary: Symphony @ Hamilton College

Doesn’t get much more “back to basics” than this.

My role in this production is limited to comms and an announce mic, so I took the opportunity to do an RF coordination on the venue’s ULXD rack and their wireless comm packs. Feeling newly inspired after our chat with RF guru James Stoffo, I ran a full coordination with Wireless Workbench taking into account the 8 house channels of ULXD and the Telex BTR-800 as well as an additional 16 channels of ULXD in the J50 band that I will have coming in next month for an event – no sense starting from scratch.

The BTR-800 required a little TLC to get it to cooperate and setting the freqs is a little bit of a pain, but everything seems to be working just swimmingly. Working to the soundtrack of a live orchestra rehearsing on stage is unmatched. Lovely, relaxing, and a great way to re-calibrate the ears.

Honestly though, who serves chips with tongs?

It’s the Custom Fader Layer that makes the Yamaha LS9 usable in my opinion. We mix aux-fed subs in this room, and the Mono bus on the Yamaha is only a group – in or out, with no level control. So I drive the subs via Bus 16.

Setting fader 32 to Mix 16 Master in the Custom Fader Layer lets me have my mono and stereo master faders next to each other just like I’m used to on my other consoles.

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