Another Playback Show

Another Playback Show

Ahh, dance season. These shows are playback-only and thus far too easy to screw up by zoning out. As Keeper of the Playback Timer, audio calls the cues for lighting, so you have to focus even with you have nothing else to do except hit the spacebar in Qlab.

It’s also very hard to judge SPL in the room when you’re listening to the show through a 2′ x 3′ opening in the booth glass. I have a calibrated reference mic in the back of the house (at the usual FOH position, where I mixed for West Side) running some dB meters in Smaart. I’m running an dB SPL C Slow meter alongside a Leq 10 meter, set to turn from green to yellow if the show gets above a certain threshold, which is nice because I can spot it in my peripheral vision.

Console layout was a little different this time. The Qlab inputs go to Main L/R and also my aux-fed sub. Main L/R then goes to a mono matrix to drive the on-stage foldback wedges, which get pushed a little higher for the tap dances. I lo-shelved the wedges a few dB at 100 Hz because they were a bit on the boomy side, and also to keep the LF crap drifting into the house to a minimum. The mains were delayed 10 ms in an effort to join ’em, not beat ’em.

Installed a new sub and flown front fills today….will report when not exhausted.


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